Monday, May 4, 2015


       I ran one mile today. The mile took me 6 minutes and 45 seconds. It seems like it gets easier and easier to run my mile. Last week, I ran my mile n 6 minutes and 55 seconds and today, I beat it by 10 seconds. I ran pretty much ran 9 miles per hour the whole time.

Beautiful Weather

       On May 1st and 2nd, it was so nice out! There was clear skies and the Sun was out. The temperature was around 45˚F, and that is really hot for this time in St. Paul, Alaska. I was out riding around the island with my girlfriend and Kirky. We had to keep the windows open because it was so hot.

       We all saw a snowy owl on the side of South West Point road. It was pretty cool because snowy owls don't come hear that often. We also went for a walk at Reef point. While we were there, we saw a Sea Lion swimming close to shore. It is really cool because Sea Lions look huge in person!

Last Week of School

       This is my last week of High School. This is my last week because I have to decorate for my graduation. My graduation is coming up really quick, and I still need to finish my graduation speech! I can't wait until I am out of school, and have a good break to be lazy before I start working. I will be playing video games and sleeping.

MVP Results

       Stephen Curry won the MVP award of the 2014-2015 regular season. It was a little disappointing that James Harden didn't get it. I thought that James Harden should have got MVP award because he held the team to the 2nd best in the west, without Dwight Howard. I think that it is okay though, because Stephen Curry had a very impressive season. Steph also helped the Golden State Warriors have the best record in the NBA.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Clippers Game 5

       The Clippers played again yesterday against the Spurs. It was close all game! When the Clippers got a good lead, the Spurs would catch up right away. It was annoying watching the Spurs foul Deandre the whole game. I don't like it because it is cheating.

       The Spurs ended up beating the Clippers by 4 points. They lost because Deandre accidentally touched the ball while it was in the cylinder. They were down by one at that time, and they could have won the game if they didn't call the offensive interference. The Spurs got lucky and won the game. I hope that the Clippers don't lose game 6, since it is in a win-or-go-home situation.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Clippers Game

       The Clippers played against the Spurs yesterday. The Clippers really needed the win because the Spurs beat them twice and the Clippers only beat them once. The Clippers were doing good the whole game. The Clippers ended up beating the Spurs by 9 points. Now the series is tied, and I am looking forward to game 5 because it is at the Clippers home!

The Dodgers

       The Dodgers are still doing great this season. The Dodgers are first in the NL West with an 11-7 record. I thought that the Dodgers wouldn't be as good this year, since Matt Kemp was traded, but they are doing great! They were second in the NL West, not too long ago. They passed the Rockies to go to first not too long ago.